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What is live music?

What is live music?
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What is live music?

For some, it is just a service or product – one that can be purchased or sold. On the one hand, there is nothing wrong with that. On the other hand, if turned into regular merchandise, music no longer fulfills its destiny. 

Let us push advertising and marketing tricks out of our heads – and take a different look at music. Why do people feel like booking a musician for their big days? 
First and foremost, live music stands for emotion and feelings. Your skin crawls when you hear a melody you have known for ages that sounds altogether different. Since it does not leave you unmoved, it is something more than just a nice tune. With the help of live music, a formal event will acquire proper status while a romantic getaway will have the right ambience created, together with comfort. Be it the first dance of newlyweds or an extravaganza in your company, each case will get its own special feel. All you need for that is a well-versed musician. Do not you agree that on thinking of a date or love confession, we get the following event attributes popping up in our minds. Candles, a chic dinner in a restaurant, roof top or any other classy place…and music, of course. No doubt, that should be live music – the choice is not for debate. It is unlikely that you would find a guy who has arranged a candlelight dinner in an expensive restaurant – but with a stereo system, even a costly and up-to-date one. Even the best-quality acoustic system is absolutely no match to live saxophone sounds. As nobody gives artificial flowers on a date, it is only natural to avoid such an attitude to music, too. 

Leave romance and emotions for more mundane activities. As for banquets, exhibitions, presentations and corporate parties, it is a different story. No one could deny how crucial each and every detail at such events is – as well as status. It is only live music that may make your event high-end. 

Too bad that music, like all top-of-the-range things, is prone to counterfeiting. Only a keen musician can manage without ruining your show. You will never find a hand-picked repertoire, upscale instrument, decent performance and stage outfit on any low-cost performer’s service list. If you need a cheap replica of live music, you will have no problem finding a self-qualified artist, who may be on stage just for decoration, with all the grave consequences. These include spoiling a date or the first dance at your wed celebration – or even making you a laughing stock for your employees or business partners. 

Take a dare if you do not hold these events dear. Personally, I have seen a lot of failures caused by disastrous music accompaniment. 
A word of advice: if on a tight budget, shorten the musician's performance rather than get into a scrape before your guests while trying to save your money. 

So, watch out and beware of knockoffs!

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