Saxophone lessonsNikita Naymushin


Lessons are held in a professional studio with all the necessary sound equipment. On your request, lessons may be held in the familiar comfort of your home at an agreed time


Lessons can be given through Zoom or Skype. You can have saxophone classes online wherever you have access to the Internet


Customized training programm allows my students to achieve results in the shortest possible time


My students practice and improve their performance skills at regular recitals, where they have the opportunity to play in front of a big audience and learn from their peers’ performance as well


In addition to individual lessons, students are offered to develop a sense of harmony, train their musical ear and team skills through partaking in duets and ensembles


With my assistance as a sound engineer, you can record your saxophone playing in a professional music studio whenever you're prepared


A contemporary musician, tutor and performing artist. I play saxophone, flute, clarinet and basson. In 2013 I graduated with honors from Nizhny Novgorod State Conservatory specializing in saxophone and bassoon. I have won many awards in International competitions and have also received awards from the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation.

I have an extensive track record playing in orchestras and ensembles. I am actively engaged in sessions, studio and concert work. My teaching experience amounts to 15 years.

What can I teach you?

Basic musical concepts and terms, reading and understanding music sheets
Keep music count, maintain correct note value and pause during the play; independently learn new pieces from sheet music rather than just by ear
Properly backup your solo sound
Mix your own personality into every musical piece you play and create your own playing style
Pick out musical tunes by ear, acquire more informed perception of a musical piece
The concept of abdominal breathing and appropriate body posture including arms, back, head and fingers, coupled with lips and tongue positions
Musical styles varying from jazz to rock as requested
Manage the sound with a microphone, properly use sound equipment for your performance
Convey the message and nature of the music rather than just a string of certain sounds produced from the music sheet
With my professional opinion regarding brands and models, and current market prices, I can help you SELECT PROPERLY A MOUTHPIECE, REEDS AND AN INSTRUMENT. I will go to a store or a private seller together with you, if necessary.

My students videos


Inessa Kaugan

Nikita is an amazing teacher. He has been teaching my daughters clarinet and saxophone since September 2021. The girls are preparing for the AMEB exams in Sydney, Australia. I see an incredible improvement and passion for their instruments thanks to Nikita. I would highly recommend Nikita to everyone, who wishes to master their level in these instruments.

Inna Veloso

Playing the sax has been my life-long dream. I remember how once, while watching online tutorials on YouTube, I came across one from Nikita, in which he was showing how to play scales – in a very simple way. My gut feeling told me to reach out and communicate exactly with him. He then responded, advised me what instrument to choose, and we started training, which I not in the least regret. I am having classes with Nikita online, which may seem a bit more complicated than face-to-face. However, I’m satisfied with the results and, especially, with the teacher’s approach. I am keen on his punctuality, professionalism, advice and recommendations. What’s more, he’s always willing to respond and counsel even beyond the planned lesson. I call him ‘my saxophone guru’! I wish him creative wins and new accomplishments. An absolutely outstanding teacher, that’s who he is! I will be his student as long as time allows. And the wish is there always. Thank you, Nikita Naimushin!

David Yeal

Having Nick as a saxophone teacher these past years has dramatically improved my rhythm and quality of sound. I previously took lessons with a few other local teachers, but didn’t stick with any for long. With Nick I have worked on a variety of musical genres, including classical pieces, jazz improvisation, and blues melodies.

Elena Liahovetsky

Nikita is an amazing teacher. My daughter (10) has been studying Alto Saxophone with Nikita for over a year and made a tremendous progress. Nikita is flexible in his approach, he listens to my daughter preferences while delivering very high quality instrumental and theoretical education. Nikita incorporates various aspects of music education, improvisation, sight reading, knowledge of jazz and classical harmony, into his lessons. My daughter has recently passed Jazz III section of NYSSMA (NY State music festival). Nikita is not only a wonderful coach but a main cheerleader for her. I highly recommend Nikita's instruction.

Nastya Agaphonova

I had been dreaming about playing the saxophone for quite a while, but hadn’t had the nerve to take it up from scratch. Until I found info about Nikita on the Net and did make my mind to try! Which I not one jot regret! He’s a great teacher who can explain everything and give a hint when something goes wrong! I feel like continuing my studies! I hope I will have mastered this wonderful instrument with Nikita’s help! Thank you!

Maxim Karmen

I've been taking saxophone classes from Nikita Naymushin since 2015. He's a wonderful teacher and great musician who offers an individual approach to each student, who has tons of materials to share, and who motivates his students to develop musically and culturally. I highly recommend Nikita for everyone who wants to study saxophone, flute or clarinet

Richard Chudnovskiy

The best teacher I have ever had, I learned so much from him. I was planning on quitting music thinking it’s too hard and not my thing, Nikita proved it to be wrong and made me love music again. I would recommend him to anyone who is struggling or is planning on quitting music, he will really change your mind.

Aleksey Kostonyan

The history of me meeting Nikita started after his performance on my wedding. I really liked his style of play and his personality, too. A year later I decided to take up playing the sax and, of course, addressed Nikita with that – as I had been inspired particularly with his play. I put progress and success I could feel even after half a year of studies down to Nikita’s teaching skill. He will always reasonably praise me or scold if homework undone. To top it all, he inspires me to work and go on rising further. I just wish there was more time to take more lessons. Nikita, I will be coming more often when I finish my construction works, I promise! Thank you for your patience and perseverance in your noble work.


Our 10 year old daughter is studying clarinet with Nick to get prepared for her ABRSM exam. The extra private online lessons outside of her normal weekly school lessons have been invaluable, they have really helped her to improve her confidence in playing the clarinet. There has been a noticeable improvement. Nick is a professional, punctual and patient and gives our daughter constructive feedback during the lesson.

Aleksey Shorin

Nikita is a remarkable educator. His lessons are smooth sailing, him staying demanding and informative at the same time. He always tries to explain complicated things with simple words, in layman’s terms. Nikita is a teacher focused on the practical effect, not on deep theoretical knowledge. His attitude to studies really motivates! That is why my advice to all who are still on the fence: cease doubting!

Rene Amtmann

Nikita is always well-prepared for lessons, and he gives me lots of great, useful advice so that I could improve my clarinet playing. My clarinet skills have grown significantly since the beginning of our classes. The homework is always well-structured and easy to comprehend.

Natalia Savochkina

My daughter has been studying flute with Nikita for several months. I’m happy to see how quickly she is progressing in mastering the instrument and that music gives her so much pleasure. Nikita offers various options, listens to student’s wishes and provides relevant feedback. I can recommend Nikita as a highly professional teacher who knows how to find an approach to a child.

Denis Afanasyev

I had been choosing a teacher for long before my choice turned next to Nikita, which I’m very happy about. Not everyone can be so straightforward in explaining stuff. He will always understand and prompt you. Apart from being a teacher with a big ‘T’, Nikita is a very amiable, sociable and responsible person! If you are still in two minds concerning your choice of a teacher, don’t lose your time, make an appointment with Nikita!

Semen Prusakov

Nikita is an excellent teacher who knows his stuff and a nice guy one has things to discuss, too. Due to lack of time, I’m having a hard time mastering the instrument but Nikita supports me and gives me confidence. And if I can’t get something right, he always tries to find a way to aid in. With his help, I’m making my dream come true! A million ‘Thank you’ to him for that!