Saxophonist for your weddingNikita Naymushin


My performances are not geographically limited to Toronto – on your request I can come to any part of the world! We can discuss travel fees separately on a case-by-case basis depending on how remote your venue is


You don't have to be concerned about the sound during your event as I'll take care of everything. From providing sound equipment, if required, to being the sound engineer for your entire event, I've got you covered

'TURN-KEY' celebration

On your request, I can organize a start-to-finish event including saxophone performance, photo and video sessions, a master of ceremonies, sound equipment, florists and other professionals who will make your show simply unforgettable!


With 18 years of global experience, I take great care to approach every performance with the highest level of responsibility. Rest assured that we will meticulously go over every detail together. You can trust that I will arrive well in advance to avoid any unexpected situations


With my diverse and extensive collection of stage costumes, I can always find the perfect outfit to match the event style and theme. My experience playing at various events, ranging from prestigious international contests, official hospitality meetings and TV shows, has given me a keen sense of the audience's mood and how to evoke the right emotions


Melanie Walker

Nick, such a pleasure to get to know you!  I’d love to share my impressions till they haven’t faded away over time… What a wonderful evening it was. Of course, I knew that something special was on its way for me as our Anniversary was upcoming.  But what I couldn’t expect at all was the dazzling atmosphere of a celebration that Nick managed to create for us. As this musical gift was a surprise I bore no expectations. But if I had had any, they would definitely be surpassed! I bow down to you.

Carl Rogers

For our wedding I chose 30 minutes of saxophone music at the wedding reception and also 2 tracks for the bride’s dance with her husband and father. The entire performance was worth the price. I don’t regret a penny payed for the accompaniment. Thank you.

Best regards from Anya Chapman

Though I am more into electronics, I made my mind to call Nick to play for us: many friends of mine are fans of live funk. As a result, we have all had a pretty good time. Good luck to you, Nick, you can make any bender a thrilling one!


It often happens that parties turn out a total disaster. Unforch, I’ve had a couple of such experiences before so I was quite nervous awaiting for my parents’ Anniversary to come. I wanted to cheer up parents, our closest relatives and family friends with a surprise musical show. So I invited Nick to perform some old jazzy tunes at the event. Though we had spent quite a bit of time on selecting tracks, till the very last moment I wasn’t sure if they would satisfy everyone’s tastes.  But in the end, it was a win! So many people came to me and thanked me for the musical program after the Anniversary. And above all, my parents were really glad. Thank you, Nick, from all of us!

Andy Towers

I really liked the flexibility and freedom Nick gave to us all! He played all the songs from our wish list and also improvised with some of the amateurs. What a performance it was!


Nick is not only a serious professional but also has all the up-to-date sound equipment. So, our party last week was equipped with cutting-edge stuff only. I will certainly recommend Nick to my cronies. Thanks.


You know I’m still in love with the good old days – the 1930s, especially. So my request was to reconstruct the atmosphere of that period. And Nick has done us a favour, for sure. These old tracks of the days when swing was just born…Love it!

Gemma Kay Wainwright

Nick, thank you so so much for today you sounded amazing and were the highlight of our ceremony. thank you so much for taking extra time with livvy. I really couldn't be an happier. thank you so so much

Rohan Thompson

Sir Nick York played at my birthday celebration on 07.21.18 it was a roaring 20’s theme party. Everything was perfection point blank period start to Finish!

Event organizer Olga Plaksina.

We are grateful to Nick York for his gorgeous performance on our corporate party as well as his responsibility. We are happy to give a good word about him. And we wish him creative success in all his endeavors.

Valeria Zhigulitch

Thank you for your impeccable play on our wedding. Through Nick’s playing on the sax our guests immersed themselves in emotional performance and immaculate taste. Significantly, he is also quite punctual and mindful. One can truly rely on such a musician and commit to him an important mission of playing at their event. Thank you for your competence!

Anna Ovchinnikova

If you have found yourself on the site of this talented saxophonist and keep questioning your choice while reading feedback, I will assure you: his is 100% problem-free! As an event manager, I have never regretted reaching out to his services - not for a single second! The wedding was taking place in Moscow Region on 30 Aug, 2014. We had the celebration’s details and timing discussed in advance. Preciseness and punctuality are among typical features of this gifted person. Thanks for the job.

Aleksandr Silaev

Nick, many thanks for the concert in the Institute of Applied Physics - on 1 April, 2016! It was not only your excellent music performance that made us happy, but also your well-wishing and a farewell speech to the Institute staff! I wish you to go on cheering people up with your skill and drive.

Julia Fedkina

Nick, thank you for our high day on 13 June, 2015. You made it striking and unforgettable! Your fantastic play drove our guests to cloud nine and made them cry out with joy. So we have gladly told everyone around about our musician! We wish you loads of creative success.

Marta Masalova

Nick has performed at our wedding and, of course, has won all the hearts! The guests were heartily dancing to the sound of the saxophone, it was very romantic! We were enjoying each tune, and, to top it all, Nick was paying attention to every table. That stroke a chord of every single guest! I wish Nick success and prosperity.

Vsevolod Chernak

Nick, thank you for playing on my wedding on 10 June, 2016. My wife and I, and, above all, our guests have liked it all like crazy. The decent sound blended seamlessly into the overall atmosphere of the day X. Good luck in your future endeavors and projects. Thanks a million again!

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Once the service package for your celebration is finalized, the next step is to sign a service agreement. A 50% downpayment is required and a balance amount is payable after the performance.
What do we need to discuss?
  • scope of necessary services
  • venue and time
  • repertoire
  • duration of the performance
  • artistic stage outfit
  • technical equipment

I make sure to arrive at the venue with ample time to spare, allowing me to set up the required equipment and perform a thorough sound check. Once everything is prepared for the event, it's your turn to sit back and enjoy the melodic tunes and soulful sound of the saxophone!

As you plan your dream wedding, you want every detail to be perfect, and that includes the music. Music sets the tone for the entire event and creates a memorable experience for you and your guests. If you're looking for something extra special to elevate your wedding, consider hiring a saxophonist.

A live saxophonist can bring a unique touch of elegance and class to your wedding. The smooth and soulful sounds of the saxophone can add a romantic and intimate ambiance to the ceremony, cocktail hour, or reception. As a professional saxophonist with 18 years of worldwide experience, I can create the perfect atmosphere for your special day.

A wide range of music styles is one of the advantages of hiring a sax player. From classical to jazz, to contemporary hits, a saxophonist can play the music that appeals to a variety of tastes. I can also tailor the music selection to match the theme or style of your wedding, creating a personalized musical experience.

A live saxophonist can also add an element of surprise and excitement to your wedding. Imagine walking down the aisle to the romantic sounds of a saxophone or having a surprise saxophone solo during the reception. It's a unique and memorable experience that your guests will be talking about for years to come.

Another benefit of booking a saxophone player for a wedding is the flexibility in terms of space and setup. Unlike a full band or orchestra, a saxophonist requires minimal setup and space. I can provide my own sound system and can perform in any venue, from a small intimate setting to a grand ballroom.

Overall, hiring a saxophonist for your wedding can elevate the music experience and create a truly unforgettable event. With my professionalism, versatility, and talent, you can trust that your wedding music will be nothing short of exceptional. Contact me today to learn more about how we can make your wedding day even more special.