How to develop your musical ear

Hello, dear all. I’m here again to bring to light some facts about music and helpful techniques.

When there’s no ear for music…

Types of musical ear

Ear training: main stereotypes


When was the last time I played in the orchestra? Seems to me, it last happened 4 years ago.

So I’ve been longing to do it again.

A saxophonist for proposal (New York, 2018)

Feelingful saxophone accompaniment for a romantic proposal, flavored with a picture-book view, champagne and strawberries and a sparkling diamond.

How to choose a sax?

Tips on how to choose and buy a saxophone and accessories. 

Saxophone fingering

Today I'm going to share with you the best fingering for saxophone. If you are a beginner, these handy pictures will help you learn how to play notes on the saxophone

How to practice the sax on your own

What you need is concrete self-study – homework, if you like. To make such work productive and fruitful, I have got a few recommendations ready for you.

The Neighbor Dread (tips on how to practice the Sax at home)

More often than not musicians are afraid of playing music loudly at their own place as they don’t want to disturb their neighbors with all that noise. 


As usual, last week I wasted no time as I treated myself to a great event called Summer in the City. It was organized especially for professionals in the NYC wedding industry.